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Location Information
Where is it?
It is a colorful place, located at the foot of the hill that has the same name and between the borders of the Argentino Lake, 185 m.over the sea level."El Calafate" is located 315 km away from Río Gallegos, Capital City of the Province of Santa Cruz and 2750 km away from Buenos Aires.El Calafate, was founded by National Decree on December 7th, 1927, with an actual population of approximately 4000 inhabitants, emphasizing the shared in common and communicative sense of its people, signs of vital importance for the traveller.
Mapa Calafate
• Total 4,000
Población Calafate
The National Park and Natural Reserve "Los Glaciares", declared by UNESCO Site of World-wide Patrimony (natural), are constituted by the lakes Viedma, Argentino and his environs, and that part of the ice field includes the glaciers Moreno, Onelli, Agassiz and Upsala with a front of 5 km descend. The most amazing glacier is the Perito Moreno that descends to the Argentino Lake.
Political Division
Airport: International Airport El Calafate, Distance 18 Km.
Its climate is dry.In summer, the average temperature is 18,6°C in winter, the average temperature is - 1,8°.
The daylight hours vary according to the season of the year, in summer the longest day is December 21st with the sun showing up at 05:30 am and the sunset is approx at 11 pm. In winter the shortest day is June 21st, with 8 hours daylight (09:30 am to 05:30 pm).

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