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Location Information
Where is it?
San Salvador of Jujuy, capital of the province.Distances: 1.643 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 900 kilometers from Córdoba, 103 kilometers from Salta. San Salvador de Jujuy is located at 1259 m.a.s.l.
Mapa Jujuy
It is characterized by the natural beauty of each one of the small towns, where modern constructions mix with the old traditions of the colonial time. In front of the central square there are the town council building, the Cathedral and Government's House. The oldest church is Santa Bárbara chapel, with its roof of tiles and wooden suspenders.
Población Jujuy
La Quebrada de Humauaca: A Cultural Itinerary of 10.000 Years.The Republic Argentina has elaborated his Tentative List, which includes a series of cultural goods that explain his insertion worldwide from the transformation of his territory on the part of cultures, first locally and regionally and, later, for influence of the European irruption and of the processes of the industrial revolution.
Political division
The province is divided into 16 departments (in the Spanish language, departamentos).
The vast difference in height and climate produces desert areas such as the Salinas Grandes salt mines, and subtropical Yungas jungle.In spite of the different areas, the terrain of the province is mainly arid and semi-desertic, except for the El Ramal valley of the San Francisco River. Temperature difference between day and night is wider in higher lands, and precipitations are scarce outside the temperate area of the San Francisco River.

Point of Interest