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Where is it?
Ushuaia, " the end of the World ", " the Earth of the Wild and the Adventure ", " Mystery and Legend ", is the place chosen by the intrepid adventurers and expeditionary. The city of Ushuaia is the Capital of the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and Islands of the South Atlantic Province.
It was founded in October 12,1884, and the meaning of its name in Yámana language is bay that penetrates towards the west.
It is the most austral city of the world and is surrounded by the mountain range Martial with the gorgeous Glacier, and by imposing Canal Beagle.
Mapa Ushuaia
29.500 Habitants.
Población Ushuaia
A modern international airport, a port with an excellent infrastructure and a road network in constant improvement, connect to Ushuaia with the rest of the world.The visitor finds in Ushuaia an infinite variety of activities, that show intact natural means, the synchrony of colors that appear in their landscape when the white snow mantle retires of its mountains, dazzles to the tourist who arrives at these borders.
Political Division
Located in the South end of the continent is a only 1,000 km away of the Antarctica peninsula and to 3,040 km of the city of Buenos Aires.
Temperatures: Summer 13º / 6º Winter 6º / 1º

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