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Our services and/or packages are subject to the following conditions

1. Rates are commissionable for Travel Agencies only, not for individual passengers. They include services detailed in each confirmation.

2. Our services include: All services stated in the programmes, acommodation in specified hotels or similar ones, taxes included. Meals, excursions and transport as stated in each programme.

3. Rates do not include: Meals except the ones already mentioned, hotel extras (beveragesm laundry, telephone calls, airport taxes or any other personal expenses).

4. Rates are expressed in United States Dollars (U$S ).

5. Rates must be applied for booking up to 6 passengers ( individual passengers ). For booking more than 6 (six) passengers, quote have to be required to B&T Travel SRL Reservations Department.

6. Rates are confidential.

7. Rates offered to your agency have to be applied for Inbound Services only and they will not able to apply for Congress or Incentives Trips.

8. Bookings: They must be made in writing, by fax or e-mail and they will be charged. A 30% (Thirty per cent) deposit must be paid when the booking is made. The balance is due before departure. 
Once the deposit has been paid, a copy of it should be faxed to the Operator’s office stating both the name of the travel agency and the passenger’s name. Price of programmes, acommodation and transport can be altered without prior notice. 
Method of payment:
I) Cash
II) Bank Transfer
III) Payment must be done in United State dollars or in Argentine Pesos according Banco Nacion Change.
IV ) Bank data must be required to or by phone at: ( 54 11 ) 5199 2844 / 45 Fax 5199 2844 Ext. 12

9. Cancellations: Cancellations must be made by letter, note of fax on an officual paper ( With the company’s name and address).
I ) When bookings are cancelled, 20% of the total cost is kept 
II ) When bookings are cancelled 15 days before, 25% wil be kept.
III ) 07 days before, 50% will be kep 
IV ) Bookings cancelled 72 hours before departure, the passenger will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

10. Acceptance: B&T Travel SRL reserves the right to refuse any booking from prospective clients whom B&T Travel SRL considers unsuitable for the type of travel to be undertaken.

11. Passengers responsibilities: passengers must ensure that all their travel documents, full passport, visas, vaccination certificates, currency and travellers’ cheques are in order

12. B&T Travel Responsibilities: B&T Travel acts as an intermediary between the passengers and the different providers whose services are included in the programs. So consequently, all responsibility for accidents, damages, loss of baggage, delays or any other inconveniences, no matter what the origin, falls in the hands of the used service providers.

13. Tickets and vouchers After you have paid in full, you will receive (usually a month before departure) your transatlantic airline tickets and any domestic flight tickets that are to be issued at this end. Some tickets are issued electronically, but traditional paper tickets may be necessary on some routes. Our   invoice or itinerary is not a travel document. If you do not have a valid ticket or e-ticket, the airline will ask you to pay again.
In addition you will receive vouchers for the services we have contracted on your behalf in B&T Travel S.R.L. These vouchers give name, addresses and telephone numbers of the hotels or service providers, so that you can contact them if you need to.. A 24-hour emergency number, printed in your final itinerary letter, will enable you to contact us quickly if something goes wrong. 

14. Alterations: B&T Travel Tour operator can alter itineraries to provide a better service, or due to unforeseen reasons, and/or cancel excursions and charge them for similar ones if the necessity arises. If due to unforeseen circumstances some of our programmed services have to be Cancelled, passengers will be entitled only to refund of the services not used, Which will be paid by B&T Travel.

15. Refunds: If passengers cancel services, no matter the reason, no refund will be paid (Article 21 - Decree 2182 - Law 18829). In case refunds are paid, B&T Travel is entitled to deduct 10% of the amount paid. 

16. Receipts: If passengers decide to not to continue with their trip once it has started, they have to ask for cancellation receipts.

17. Arbitration If you have a problem during your holiday, it is a condition of this contract that you communicate this to the supplier of the services (eg hotel) and to our representative locally, and put your complaint in writing. If you fail to follow this simple procedure, we cannot accept responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem

18. Accepting services involve agreeing with the general conditions.